What: A weekend long hackathon 

When: April 28-30th, 2017 

Where: Terrada Warehouse, Tennozu Isle, Tokyo

Why: To bring together developers, creators and designers to build the future

Who: Engineers, designers, managers,marketers, students, non-students!

Cost: FREE! Some food and drinks provided

Themes: IoT, Robotics, sustainability, virtual reality/augmented reality, cloud-computing etc

See detailed schedule on the website

Join a track and show us your best hacks! 


Day 1: Track introduction and team building
Day 2: Hacking, hacking, hacking
Day 3: More hacking and pitching presentation  

*You are free to leave the venue, you are not confined in the warehouse at night ;)  


Engineers, designers, managers,marketers, students, non-students!

Anyone with an idea and the drive to realise it is welcome! 


Submit your projects due Sunday April 30th at 12.30pm. One team member submits the project and adds other team members to the submission afterwards. The submission can be freely edited after submitting. Remember to fill up the correct table number and inform all the tracks and challenges you attended.

Hackathon Sponsors


$8,000 in prizes

Robotics track

SoftBank Group provides this track with Peppers, which is a humanoid robot capable of recognizing the principal human emotions and adapting his behavior to mood, personality and preference of the people he is interacting with. The challenge is how we can change the way people work (shops, offices, factories etc.). The winner is rewarded 200 000¥.

Logistics & Storage

Our Key Partner Warehouse TERRADA challenges the hackers to come up with new solutions to the rapidly changing world of storage, sharing and logistics. Coming up with solutions to these challenges will not only have a tremendous economic effect but will also contribute to a greener use of resources. This track will mainly focus on the three following issues: Logistics, Sharing economy and IoT. Winner will be rewarded 200 000¥ worth of gift coupons.

IBM Bluemix challenge

All the teams in all the tracks can take part in this challenge. IBM challenges the hackers to use the IBM Bluemix development environment and tools in innovative ways to solve the tracks. The best project that makes use of the IBM Bluemix will win the 200 000 ¥ worth of gadgets!

Sustainable Development Goals

In the first ever hackathon on the Sustainable Development Goals in Japan, Junction Tokyo’s Main Partner DMM.com, along with iamtheCODE and Sahara Sparks, gives the hackers a unique chance to hack in the field of sustainability. This track will mainly focus on the following issues climate action, gender equality and reduce food waste. The winners will receive 200 000¥ cash prize

SDGs special prize 1

The winning team will receive a Kano computing kit, as well as the option to receive mentoring from iamtheCODE.

SDGs special prize 2

The winning team will receive the option to receive mentoring from iamtheCODE.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Registration is still open!

Apply here


Adam Gibson

Adam Gibson
Founder & Chief Technology Officer @ Skymind

Kotaro Matsumoto

Kotaro Matsumoto
Digital Marketing Strategist @ Sony

Joakim Isoaho

Joakim Isoaho
Community Manager @ Junction Helsinki

Judging Criteria

  • Originality and uniqueness
  • Quality of pitch / demo / prototype
  • Technical aspects of hack

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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